Monday, December 5, 2011

"Takziah Khairul Fahmi Che Mat"

hey there bloggers :)

td tgh syok2 online , scroll2 wall maen like2 , then ternampak status sorang hamba Allah ni --> 'Takziah untuk family khairul fahmi che mat .

omg , firstly , im so terkejut lahh ! ingatkan .....
then bace lagi skali , slow slow , then try mencernakan ayat tu kt otak , barulaa faham .
tapi nak confirmkn lagi . sy bukak page .
tak puas hati lagi , sy bukak google . then barulaa faham ..

# salam takziah untuk Khairul Fahmi Che mat dan keluarga atas pemergian adik khairul fahmi sebab demam panas yg berpanjangan dan jangkitan kuman . semoga rohnya ditempatkan di antara golongan orang yg beriman .

Thursday, December 1, 2011

" K A L A U or I F "

Dear blogger , nak mengadu ! wuwuwu ~
there's something yg betul2 menyemak kt otak ni , sampai dah 3 MALAM mimpi yg SAMA . damn ! its haunting me :'|
tp whatever ..
well i sometimes , i'd love to imagine something that i couldnt reach :'D
but its just 'kalau' ..

Kalau laa otak ni mcm komputer , boley format , bagusnye lahh kn ?

Kalau laa aku ade magic , pufff ! kau trus jadi katak !

Kalau laa aku byk money , mmg aku da pindah pegi duduk kt Korea sane dgn Girls Generation . so heaven !

Kalau laa aku ade kepak or sayap or whatever yg something like that la , dah lame aku fly pegi memane yg aku nak . agak-agak tension ke ape aku trus fly pegi duduk atas awan sambil makan popcorn and tgk CSI Miami .

Kalau laa aku ni mcm cik Chocolate yg kt cerita  cartoon Sugar-sugar Rune tu , boleh tgk hati org yg jahat or baek guna mata je .

Kalau laa aku tak kenal kau ..

And , kalau laa boleh patah balik masa =='

Kalau laa aku publish entry ni , agak-agak ade org nak baca tak ? :'D

Kalau laa kn ? :)

# If you could do anything tommorow , what would you do ?

Friday, April 15, 2011

dun cry reading this :') *copying from Fana Razak* juz wanna shared my feeeling :(

P/s : I've made up my mind to repost since everyone's been requesting for it. Feel free to read. And to all haters out there, you can freely click the red [x] button on the right top of your page. Al-Fatihah to arwah AMIRUL AIMAN ..

"You started to change before you died. I don't know what else to say than to express our convo in my blog.

10th of May 2010

I just got home from school and I received two text messages from you. I ignored them and went bathing. After taking my bath, I watched tv for awhile and I realized that I haven't replied your messages so I quickly went to my room to take my cell. I received another 2 messages from you so equally, I received 4 messages from you.

You : B?
You : B? Mana b?
You : Reply la :(
You : B? Mana b? Knapa lambat sangat balik?

I was seriously waaay too scared if he might be scolding me for not replying his messages for quite awhile. So I quickly messaged him, to not make him worry about me.

Me : Sayang? Sorry tak reply td. I balik sekolah terus mandi td. Then I tgk tv terlupa msg you. Sorry? You marah ke?
You : Oh okay okay. Tak, I tak marah. Tp jangan buat I risau k bie?
Me : Okay okay, sayang. I'm sorry.
You : Tkpe, mwa mwa hehe. B dekat mana ni?
Me : Dekat rumah. Lepasni nak pergi makan dgn mak. You?
You : Ala, nak makan dekat mana? Jumpa lah I b :( I dkt cabin. Bosan.
You : Makan dgn I k bie?
Me : I want to but mak suruh teman dia lah syg.
You : Okay okay, I main badminton dgn budak budak lah.
Me : Okay, take care busuk.
You : Mana ada busuk. B ah buchuk macham. Kalau balik awal, dtg rumah I :(
Me : Eh sejak bila jd rempit? Okay, tgk lah dulu.
You : Takda tgk tgk, kena jugak.
Me : Ye yeeee.
You : Alaaaaa.
Me : Huh?
You : B marah :(
Me : Eh tkda ah, karut je.
You : Hm okay.
Me : Aiyk?
You : Dtg!
Me : InsyaAllah, kalau sempat. Kalau tak, jumpa malam k syg?
You : Okay b. B, I nak main badminton jap?
Me : Okay okay, bye. Love you. Take care, dear. See you.
You : Okay, love you so much. Take care too. Miss you love you. See you too, b. Jmpa I jugak harini, tak kira :(
Me : Okay syg, don't want that sad face.
You : Okay Okay :D Dah
Me : Main happy lagi, k bye muah.
You : Mwa, love you.

But then, I didn't manage to come and meet him in the evening. So I did meet him at night (The last night we spent our time together). So my mum sent me to his condo at 8 something. But he wasn't there then I messaged him.

Me : Mana you? I kt cabin dah.
You : Jap. I tgh siap nak turun b.

After a few minutes, my friends came and sit in a table with me. And we talked and laughed waay too much. And after a few minutes later then, he came but yeah, I know he wouldn't come to me first. So he went to cafe to buy cigarettes if I'm not mistaken. After that, you came to me and sit beside me. Then my friends seemed curious when they looked at arwah.

Alyn : Man, asal muka kau lain do?
Bay : Aah doh!
You : Mana ada lain lah. You, muka I lain ke?
Me : Ntah, mcm sama je kot haha. Lain ke dia, Eryn?
Eryn : Aku rasa sama je.

Fine then. When we got bored, we went to the badminton court to play badminton. And yeahs, I was the one who took the racquet and you asked me to put it back because you wanna spend your time with me at that night.

You : B, takyah lah main. Dduk sini dgn I.
Me : Ala kjap je lah.
You : Mhm, okay.

When I was playing the badminton, you can't stop staring at me while smiling. Everytime I looked at you, you were staring at me and smiling. And after a few minutes, I sat beside you and hold your right hand.

Me : You, knapa you lain harini?
You : Mana ada I lain lah b. I sama je.
Me : Okay okay.

Then after 10 minutes kot, Nisha asked me to accompany her to the lobby. And I said okay. But you refused to let me go. Then I told you that it takes only 5 minutes. Then you said k. When I came back to the court, you were playing the badminton with Icantrecallwho. When I entered the court, as most of the people know that the door sounds annoying and when I opened it, everyone will look at me and you shouted 'B!'. And I said 'Oh hai' with a very weird face. I was just making an annoying face like that hehe.

And at 10.30pm, he took me to in front of the court.

You : *Holding my face. B, pandang I.
Me : *Staring in his eyes.
You : Ingat ni smpai bila bila. I sayang you sgt sgt. Ingat ni! Sayang sgt sgt.
Me : I pun sayang you sgt sgt *Small laughs.
You : I sayang b sgt sgt. Jgn tinggalkan I?
Me : Knpa you ckp mcmtu syg?
You : Oh tak, just jangan tinggalkan I. K?
Me : Ye lah, I dah promise kan dulu? Knpa you lain ni?
You : Mana ada I lain lah syg. I sama je.

After a few minutes then, my mom called and asked me to go home. Then,

Me : You!
You : Haaaaa
Me : Nak I balik pukul brapa?
You : Ala tak boleh balik, kena dduk dengan I.
Me : Betul betul boleh tak?
You : Betul lah. Ala jangan lah balik :(
Me : Mengada eehhh. *On the phone, Ma, ambik lagi 10 minutes lah.
Mak : Okayy.

After 10 minutes later, mum messaged telling that she has already at the guard house. Then I told arwah, he quickly take my both hands and say

You : B, ingat apa I pesan dkt you td smpai bila bila tau.
Me : Okay okay, I promise lah you. Pinky swear? Hahaha.
You : Hehe pinky swear. *Kiss
Me : Babaii.
You : Babai, I love you so much. Take care.
Me : Love you too, and you too.
You : K bie.

Then I ran to mum's car and suddenly you shouted 'YAYA, I LOVE YOU!'. Then I shouted back 'I LOVE YOU TOO MUAH MUAH'. That was the last time I heard your voice, till now I'm still wanting and needing to hear your voice again, and all over again. But I know I can't. I hope you're in peace and surely, in a better and the best place.

When I was in my car, I could see the badminton court and you were there, flying kisses to me. That's so sweet of you. And that was the last time I saw your face, your smile, and your everything. When I reached home, you messaged me.

You : B?
Me : Eh hi. Cepatnya.
You : I rindu b.
Me : Alolo rindu you jugak sayang.
You : Tgh buat apa?
Me : Tkda buat apa apa. You?
You : Sama lah, lapar.
Me : Pergi lah makan.
You : Nak pergi makan dengan Alfiq jap boleh?
Me : Oh okay, pergi lah. Take care.
You : K, jap. Nak siap.

*I didn't reply. Then,

You : B?
Me : Yes?
You : Nape tak reply?
Me : Lah, ckp nak siap.
You : Okay okay, I dah nak pergi makan tau.
Me : Okay. Take care k.
You : Okay. B, nak drive jap. Japg I msg balik.
Me : Alright, elok elok.

After a few minutes,

You : B?
Me : Yo.
You : B jgn tinggalkan I?
Me : Sayang, knpa dgn you ni?
You : Tak, I takut b tinggalkan I.
Me : Mana ada lah :'(
You : Alolo sorry sorry, dah dah.
Me : Jgn ckp mcmtu lg k?
You : Okay okay, b I nak b ingat ni smpai bila bila. I sayang b sgt sgt. Ingat ni!
Me : Okay sayang, I pun sayang you. Lg lebih!

Then you didn't reply my message. I was kinda curious, but I don't know why that night I didn't feel like calling you. I did asked my sister, where are you, why don't you reply my text and so on. My sister asked me to call you but I just don't know why I didn't make the things that I used to do, which is trying to reach you and message you till you replied mine. I didn't want to bother you lepak with your friends, maybe.

So I fall asleep while waiting for you. I managed to sleep only for a few minutes. Then, Nisa called me. I didn't hear her calls at first. But then, my sister woke me up telling that there's someone calling me. I answered her call and I was waaay 'mamai' that time.

Me : Hello?
Nisa : Ya? Yaya okay tak?
Me : Okay je, kenapa?
Nisa : Ya, Aiman dah takda Ya.
Me : Huh?
Nisa : Ya, Aiman dah takda Ya. Wake up, Ya. Wake up!
Me : Jangan mengarut lah Nisa. *I end the call.

Right after I end up Nisa's call. Amar (Eryn's boyfriend) called me,

Amar : Hello Ya.
Me : Ha, ada apa?
Amar : Wei, aku dkt gate kecik Emerald ni.
Me : Ha, asal?
Amar : Wei Ya, Aiman kau dah takda au. Dia accident.
Me : Weii, betul betul lah.
Amar : Betul lah. Kau nak datang tak? Aku amik kau.
Me : Aaa, takpa ah. Bye *End

Then I quickly told both my parents that Aiman has already became arwah. My dad asked me to go take my wudhuk and pray all the best for arwah. So I quickly go and give Yassin to arwah. I repeat the surah, loads of times non-stop. There were loads of friends calling and messaging me but I managed to answer only some of them because I didn't know what to say. My mind was blank and all I thought that moment was, only ARWAH.

And the saddest phone call I received on that morning was from Hazmie. He cried when he was on the phone with me. We didn't get to say anything than crying out loud. I couldn't stop crying and Hazmie told me to be strong. I didn't say anything, I couldn't stop crying. Oh god, I can't believe I'm crying right now. Hazmie, thanks so much for the supports k. Sayang kau!

After half an hour later, my dad asked me to go to the hospital with him. My mum dad and my sister followed to the hospital. When we've arrived there, the first person I saw, was Kak Aisyah (Aiman's eldest sister). She came to me and hugged me waaay too tight! And both of us couldn't stop crying. After that, I hugged Aiman's mom. She was crying too but I can't believe that she was waay too strong accepting the fact that her son was not here anymore.

I met some of my friends there, all I can say is I couldn't stop crying. My eyes looked like asdfghjkl I don't know what to say. At the hospital, I didn't stop giving Aiman non-stop Yassin. Then, after half an hour later, someone shouted 'Amirul?'. Everyone stood up and quickly go to the 'forensik''s room.

And the only 'thing' we saw was, Allahyarham Amirul Aiman's body, right in front of our eyes. I cried out loud. And it was the last time I hold his face. He was so cold. And he looked different. There was a scar on his head. It was because the BANG he had in the accident. I don't know how to say this, my mind was so blank that time and I don't believe that I cried waay too bad that time."

Be strong kak yaya ♥
sorry ,this story is about kak yaya and her late boyfie . .
this is picture of kak yaya and arwah ..

this is her bestfriend ,Halimi Zulfaa'ta ..hope they will happy together

Friday, March 18, 2011

fuck you very much !

hohoho . ini aku bukan mencarut k , tp ini lagu . i really love love love this song . haha . aku na bagi lagu ni kat org2 yg aku suke . hehe . agak sadis . kalo u olls prasan , bile korang bukak je blog aku yg ta berape na kacak ni , msti kuar lagu fuck you fuck you ni . hhaha . comel kan ? :p

"Fuck You (Very Much)"

Look inside
Look inside your tiny mind
Now look a bit harder
Cause we're so uninspired, so sick and tired of all the hatred you harbor

So you say
It's not okay to be gay
Well I think you're just evil
You're just some racist who can't tie my laces
Your point of view is medieval

Fuck you
Fuck you very, very much
Cause we hate what you do
And we hate your whole crew
So please don't stay in touch

Fuck you
Fuck you very, very much
Cause your words don't translate
And it's getting quite late
So please don't stay in touch

Do you get
Do you get a little kick out of being slow minded?
You want to be like your father
It's approval you're after
Well that's not how you find it

Do you
Do you really enjoy living a life that's so hateful?
Cause there's a hole where your soul should be
Your losing control of it and it's really distasteful

Fuck you
Fuck you very, very much
Cause we hate what you do
And we hate your whole crew
So please don't stay in touch

Fuck you
Fuck you very, very much
Cause your words don't translate and it's getting quite late
So please don't stay in touch

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you,
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you,
Fuck you

You say, you think we need to go to war
Well you're already in one,
Cause its people like you
That need to get slew
No one wants your opinion

Fuck you
Fuck you very, very much
Cause we hate what you do
And we hate your whole crew
So please don't stay in touch

Fuck you
Fuck you very, very much
Cause your words don't translate and it's getting quite late
So please don't stay in touch

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you


wakeup my blog !

mukadimah , assalamualaikum ! :)
akhirnya , setelah berbulan-bulan blog aku ni bersawang , aku bukak jugak akhirnye . nape blog aku ni bersawang ? sbb aku privatekn lepas ade uninvited readers menceroboh kt page aku ni ! tp takpe . i da ta kesah da nyah :D ade la beberapa post yg aku da delete sbb mende tuhh . haishhh .
dlm beberapa bulan ni , ade byk giler citer yg aku na share . tp aku cter yg baru2 ni je lahh .. *ehh , lupe la na citer ape td . hehee*

sepanjang aku ta aktif blog nih , FACEBOOK je laa yg sentiasa di hati . haha . bangun pagi , bukak mate jer trus amek handphone , pegi kt application , bukak opera mini , n klik FACEBOOK . see , betapa fanatiknye aku kt FACEBOOK nih . haha . macam loving couple doee . aku taktau la if betul si Mark !@#$% (ta ingat name) tu na closed FACEBOOK , maunye aku ni tak lalu makan , mndi ta basah , tidur ta lena . wakakaka . macam kodol !

Saya Sayang Facebook Saya . haha . na tau kenape ? nnti aku story in the next chapter on my post :D